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Asian Cuisine Program

Menu and Recipe 



Training and Support 

Mai Pham

Chef Events &


Ideation and

Leadership Retreats


Our Talent
and Expertise

We're a team of food professionals (see bios here) with decades of hands-on culinary and operational development and R&D experience. Our clientele  includes foodservice operators of  commercial and non-commercial entities   as well as aviation, supermarket chains and international hotel groups. In the past, we've worked with clients on the following:


  • Create and stage dazzling guest chef events with talks, cooking demos, videos and memorable menus. Popular for corporate and hotel special events.

  • Enhance partners' foodservice offerings by launching authentic Asian retail concepts or menu/recipe program. 

  • Develop top to down implementation plan from concept to menu and recipe development to program launch.

  • Create culinary programs for on-site dining, grab 'n go as well as deli and prepared foods operations. 

  • Support partner sales presentations with presentations and special food tastings.

  • Contribute to corporate Ideation, innovation and leadership retreats.

For more information on our consulting services and how we might work together, please click here to email us.

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