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Thai Chicken Green Curry, redolent of Thai chilies, basil and Kaffir lime. Or Vietnamese pho with silky noodles and chicken bathed in broth perfumed with star anise and roasted ginger.



all this deliciousness right on campus or at your workplace!




These are just some of the delicious foods of Star Ginger, a concept by award-winning  Chef Mai Pham. For more on our chef and team, please click here. 




Vietnamese, Thai and other Asian flavors


Our Star Ginger licensing program was born out of the idea that as our demographics become increasingly diverse and multi-cultured, so too are our taste preferences. Consumers today seek variety -- global cuisines, authentic foods, big flavors, healthy, vegetarian and gluten-free options -- foods beyond Chinese and sushi. Star Ginger, with this wider spectrum of flavors, is now showcased nationwide in campus, corporate, healthcare, government and leisure venues.

Distinctive features

  • Authentic dishes from Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, India, Singapore and China

  • Small batch cooking

  • Traditional time-honored recipes 

  • Menu variety: grill, noodle soups, wok, salads,curries, banh mi sandwiches and LTOs

  • Vegetarian and plant-forward options.

  • Station evokes freshness: colorful vegetables, steaming noodle pots, busy cook line in full view 

  • Easy to execute program: you provide space and staffing, we provide support and tools

Why work with us

  • We're passionate about helping you deliver great Asian food!

  • We feature authentic recipes by Chef Mai Pham as well as notable street food vendors and chefs in Asia. 

  • We're a one-stop solution: one concept, many cuisines. 

  • We understand contract management and self-operate foodservice.

  • We offer comprehensive support, from layout design, procurement, training, opening to audit programs.

  • We created proprietary sauce and marinades to ensure consistency.

For more on our licensing program or to explore how we might collaborate, please click here to email us.

Star Ginger GMU Video

No need to drive anywhere.

Click below to visit a Star Ginger location!


Our menu can be customized to fit your location. 

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